Diagnostic and Emission Testing Support

The international portal FCD.eu offers information, training and technical support for automotive repair shops and emission testing stations. We use methods that are effective, faster and also much more reliable compared to the manufacturers suggested procedures.

Become one of the 6668 registered FCD.eu users. We can help you to find the fault more effeciently. Save time and money. Avoid repeated customer comebacks. What are the registration benefits?

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Technical Support

Problems locating faults? Try our effective technical support. It's up to you to reward the best advice.

Technical support requests 5283

Training and Conferences

Obtain valuable information at our practical training courses and take part in our annual "Diagnostic Con" conference, which is also suitable for managers.

4641 trained technicians

Technical Database

Follow the instructive solutions of real diagnostic cases and receive answers to your own questions through comments. With mutual contributions the database is being permanently improved.

The database has 4595 cases

Community of Experts

In the world of modern car systems nobody can know everything. Communicate with your colleagues, receive valuable information and reward them with your own advice.

We group 6668 experts

Other offered services

Apart from the above mentioned services, we also offer diagnostic analysis, experts reports, technical consulting, diagnostic and emission testing advice, development of tailored training courses, etc.

We have established long-term cooperation with mid and large sized companies, like car manufacturers, diagnostic equipment manufacturers, dealer networks or service concepts. Generally we use FCD.eu as the basic platform for effective cooperation, but the web can be transformed to customer colours or layout and include higher level of data security.

More information is available at „Client sections“.

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